Bien Cool

During my time in Puerto Rico, I had the opportunity of working for Bien Cool. The brand focuses on creating comedic greeting cards with Puerto Rican flare. My role as one of their graphic designers not only consisted of creating content for their social media platforms, but also tackling print projects and product designs.

Social Media Content:

Animated Facebook Banner

Promotional Event Posts

Promotional Gifs

Shopping Bags

Mousepad Promo


Christmas Card Ideas


GUILTY is the first clothing renting membership in Puerto Rico. For a fixed price, you receive 8 articles of clothing every month. The service serves to help the environment and easily provide women with the latest fashion trends without breaking the budget.

Because the clothing is received in a trendy reusable bag, they approached Bien Cool for aid in creating comical messages for their clients in exchange for promo. The tag is not only useful to let clients know of any new deals, but also presents a positive message. Here are a few examples:

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